Talley Law Firm offers expertise with all types of real estate transactions – whether you are the buyer, the seller, or the investor. We can assist you with the following:

Residential / Commercial

We represent commercial and residential buyers and sellers, as well as developers, landlords and tenants. Our superb paralegals and support staff complete title research and closing documents, so our attorneys can focus on the critical legal strategies and processes involved in your care. If you’re buying from a private seller or are privately financing a sale, let our attorneys help make the process clean and streamlined. We implement lawsuits to quiet title for property purchased at a tax sale and also handle foreclosures.

Contracts & Document Review

Talley Law Firm will draft contracts and provide manpower to complete the detailed documentation and reporting that goes into most real estate transactions. We generate both lease and purchase agreements; prepare, review and edit closing and loan documents, and handle commercial real estate transactions, lawsuits to quiet title for property purchased at a tax sale, foreclosures and more.

Construction/Boundary Issues

From small privately-owned companies to large publicly held organizations, we represent a wide range of clients on both sides of the construction table. General contractors, subcontractors, lenders, developers and suppliers are typical of our client range.

Agreements for Parties Litigation

Our real estate attorneys will draft commercial and residential agreements to cover even the most complicated transactions. From purchase and lease to financing agreements, our experts will make your transaction as easy and smooth as possible.

Quiet Title Actions

The long-term economic impact of title work cannot be understated. Our experienced paralegals and support team members thoroughly research every title to ensure your transaction goes smoothly and your title remains clear for the years to come. In the case of Suits to Quiet Title to Property, homeowners may experience a range of issues with title to the property.   Whether there has been a mistake in the recording of the title, there has been no record made of an existing title in the real property chain of title, or the situation involves a real property dispute between two or more parties, we’ll review your issue and help clear up the problem.

Tax Sales Actions

Sound legal representation in tax sale purchases, tax deed and tax lien sales, as well as contests – is critical to avoiding unseen potholes. State tax assessments can conceivably tie up your property for years, adversely affect your credit, and even result in garnishment of wages.


Whether you’ve received a notice that your home is going into foreclosure, or you need to have a foreclosure instituted on a property you own, our expert real estate attorneys will assist you in resolving this unpleasant situation. There are many facets to the process of foreclosure. In addition to real estate law, experience in the areas of bankruptcy and tax law, as well as estate planning are critical to securing the best outcome possible for your situation.

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